Music, news and other forms of information can no longer be ignored in our daily lives. We also listen to the radio on a massive scale during the work. A radio in your truck, bus or special vehicle such as a loader, sweeper or bulldozer is therefore indispensable. Because of the many uses of the vehicles, the radio also has to meet many requirements. Continental VDO has the (off road) radio in 12V or 24V that suits you.

With over 80 years of experience, Continental VDO delivers high-quality (DAB +) radios - including speakers, antennas, adapters and cabling - for every application. The radios are resistant to the most extreme conditions and are easy to operate, allowing you to focus undisturbed on work and traffic.

The new series are available in both 12V and 24V, with and without DAB (digital radio stations), in standard dimensions and a shallow version for vehicles and machines with limited installation space.

In short, functional design and perfect sound, in the quality you're used to from Continental VDO!


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