On this page we describe how to submit a RFQ to VDO Webshop online.

Quotation requests can only be processed if the request is correctly received by VDO Webshop online. Submitting a quotation request (RFQ) is very simple and eliminates the chance of mistakes and/or misunderstandings. This is not only convenient for you, as valued customer, but also for us.

You must first register or, if you are already known to us, log in. If you are requesting the quote for a company within Europe VAT zone and the company has a valid VAT registration, please remember to enter the VAT number in the fields at the delivery address AND billing address. More information about VAT charged online by VDO Webshop can be found on this page: Do I have to pay VAT at VDO Webshop?

Once you are logged into our system, select the items of your choice in our online catalog, add them to the basket. Once you have added all the items to your basket in this way, go to your basket. There you choose "Turn This Cart into a Quote".

On the page you will then be taken to, you can indicate the billing address and delivery address in the boxes provided. Also indicate your preferred shipping method. The cost of shipping will be dynamically calculated based on your choice of carrier and delivery address in combination with the weight and size of the total package.

There are a few more fields where you can leave a message on the quote or to us. You can also give the quote a name which can be useful for your own administration.

Do you want to change your delivery address or billing address? Choose "Back to Your Account" at the bottom of the form. If everything is to your satisfaction then you can send the quote request to us by clicking "SAVE AND SEND YOUR QUOTATION".

A copy of your RFQ will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. We aim to respond to your quote request within 8 business hours.

All products we supply are new and unused, we do not refurbish. All required information about products such as HS code, weight, country of origin and manufacturer can be found for each product in our web catalog on the product data page.