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  • Ammeters
  • Engine hour counters
  • Fuel level gauges
  • Pressure gauges
  • Speedometers
  • Speedometers GPS SOG
    <p>The GPS Speed gauge is ideally suited for horizontal mounting. <br />Vertical mounting is also possible, however performance may be impaired. <br />The gauge can be installed in open vessels as well as cabins. <br />For cabin installations the signal will be stronger if the gauge can “see” the sky. <br />Objects or a narrow view may disrupt the signal. <br />It is recommended to verify the GPS signal strength (via the GPS signal indication on the LCD), <br />in the chosen mounting area before drilling/cutting holes in the dash panel. <br />Gauge to indicate Speed over ground, Course over ground, Time, Trip distance and time. <br />Also providing data in NMEA 2000. <br />All ViewLine gauges have interchangeable bezels in different colors and profiles. <br />Create your own gauge with the clip-on bezels in different colors and profiles.</p>
  • Temperature gauges
  • Tachometers
    <p>ViewLine tachometers are part of the Veratron VDO Marine program. <br /> The ViewLine tachometers are available in 85mm and 52mm hole sizes. <br /> The 85mm version is available without or with display hour counter. <br /> The tachometer must be programmed with the number of pulses per revolution. <br /> The 85mm tachometers with display are programmable with push buttons without software. <br /> The 85mm without display are limited programmable with dip switches. <br /> The 52mm can only be programmed with software and a programming cable. <br /> When ordering, you can enter the number of pulses per revolution and alarm value. <br /> Programming of ordered revolution counters is free. <br /> ViewLine gauges have clip-on bezels in different colors and profiles.</p>
  • Voltmeters

Veratron Marine ViewLine

Veratron Marine ViewLine

Veratron Marine ViewLine

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