Bezels: A2C53210764 VDO
  • Bezels: A2C53210764 VDO

VDO ViewLine 110mm Bezel Triangle White

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VDO A2C53210764

  • Bezel for 110 mm ViewLine
  • Bezel colour: White
  • Bezel profile: Triangle
  • Interchangeable clip system
  • Retail package 1 Bezel
Logistical information:
  • HS Code: 90299010
  • Ean Code: 7640178724006
  • Weight: 0.21kg

Description VDO ViewLine bezel for 52 - 85 - 110mm gauges:

The VDO ViewLine modular bezel concept offers true design flexibility in the layout of instrument panels. The three attractive designs in black - white or chrome are suitable for every machinery instrument panel or special vehicle cockpit.The range also includes bezels with flat. round. and triangular profiles. Each of the bezel designs is compatible with every Viewline product.

VDO A2C53210764 110 mm Bezel specifications:

VDO ViewLine bezel features:

For VDO ViewLine gauges: 110 mm - 4 3/8 inch
Bezel outside diameter: 125.85 ± 0.6 mm
Bezel colour: White
Bezel profile: Triangle
Bezel interchangeable: clip system
Material: Plastic
Operating temperature: -30° C to +80° C

Data sheet

VDO Parts retail package
Veratron ViewLine Retail
Installation dimension
110 mm - 4 3/8 Inch
Bezel model
White triangle
ViewLine bezels
Article status
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