Bezels: A2C53186026 VDO
  • Bezels: A2C53186026 VDO

Veratron ViewLine 52mm Bezel Triangle Chroom Bulk Package

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VDO A2C53186026

  • Bezel for 52 mm ViewLine
  • Bezel colour: Chrome
  • Bezel profile: Triangle
  • Interchangeable clip system
  • Retail package 1 Bezel
Logistical information:
  • HS Code: 90299010
  • Ean Code: 7640178724303
  • Weight: 0.21kg

Description VDO ViewLine bezel for 52 - 85 - 110mm gauges:

The VDO ViewLine modular bezel concept offers true design flexibility in the layout of instrument panels. The three attractive designs in black - white or chrome are suitable for every machinery instrument panel or special vehicle cockpit.The range also includes bezels with flat - round - and triangular profiles. Each of the bezel designs is compatible with every Viewline product.

VDO A2C53186026 52 mm Bezel specifications:

VDO ViewLine bezel features:

For VDO ViewLine gauges: 52 mm - 2 1/16 inch
Bezel outside diameter: 59.25 ± 0.6 mm
Bezel colour: Chrome
Bezel profile: Triangle
Bezel interchangeable: clip system
Material: Plastic chromed
Operating temperature: -30° C to +70° C

Data sheet

VDO Parts retail package
Veratron ViewLine Retail
Installation dimension
52 mm - 2 1/16 Inch
Bezel model
Chrome triangle
ViewLine bezels
Article status
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