Connectors: A2C53324671 VDO
  • Connectors: A2C53324671 VDO

VDO ViewLine Protective connector cap 14-pin

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VDO A2C53324671

  • 14-pin MQS Connector protective cap
  • Manufacturer: Hirschmann of Tyco
  • To protect gauge connector
  • Retail package 1 Connector cap
Logistical information:
  • HS Code: 39269000
  • Ean Code: 7640178728455
  • Weight: 0.25kg

Description VDO ViewLine MQS Connector cap:

The VDO ViewLine instruments have been carried out with a MQS connector system. These connectors are manufactured by Tyco or Hirschmann. MQS connectors are used on a large scale in automotive and industry because of its reliability and simplicity in use. Depending on the ViewLine model a 8-pin or 14-pin connector MQS or a combination of both is used. The ViewLine instruments in Retail packaging are supplied complete with an MQS connection. The VDO Viewline OEM instruments are delivered without cables. Wire length of the cable is about 50 cm. The Viewline Ammeter is equipped with two extra long wires for connecting the external shunt. VDO also supplies separate connector blocks and connector pins in order to put together your own cable. This can as a complete connector set or as loose parts.

VDO A2C53324671 14-pin MQS connector protective cap specifications:

Connector cap features:

For VDO ViewLine gauges: All series
MQS Connector protective cap: For Hirschmann - Tyco MQS Female 14-pin
Detailed information: See downloads manuals and datasheets

Tyco Accessories and Tools:

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