VDO ViewLine Ammeter gauge 150A set Black 52 mm
  • VDO ViewLine Ammeter gauge 150A set Black 52 mm
  • VDO ViewLine Ammeter gauge 150A set Black 52 mm
  • VDO ViewLine Ammeter gauge 150A set Black 52 mm
  • VDO ViewLine Ammeter gauge 150A set Black 52 mm

VDO Marine ViewLine Ammeter Kit 150A Black 52mm - DLRB

€153.96 (21% VAT Included)

€127.24 (VAT Excl.)


VDO A2C59514816

  • Black - Bezel black round
  • Panel hole diameter: 52 mm - 2 1/16"
  • Range: -150A to +150A DC
  • Input signal: -60 to +60 mV
  • Lens: Dual - Anti-Fog
  • Ammeter kit including shunt
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Logistical information:
  • HS Code: 90303391
  • Weight: 0.60kg

Description ViewLine Ammeter gauge:

The ViewLine ammeter provides an overview of the entire electrical system. They provide an indication of battery charge and discharge current.

VDO ViewLine Black A2C59514816 Full technical specifications:

Sizes and mounting:

Installation (Hole) diameter and Outside diameter: 52 mm - 2 1/16 Inch and 59 mm - 2 1/3 Inch
Installation depth: 50 mm
Locking height with Spinlock nut: 0.5 mm - 20 mm
Locking height with bracket: 2 mm - 15 mm (Optional)
Flushmount: Optional kit A2C59510864


Ampere measurement range: -150A to +150A DC
Shunt: 150A included in kit
Signal input ammeter: VDO Shunt 0 to 60 mV DC
Accuracy: < 2.5 % of the full scale reading
Connection: Hirschmann 8 pins MQS connector

Power supply:

Operating voltage: 8 to 32 Volt DC
Current consumption: < 140 mA including warning LED
Reverse polarity protection: Yes - 5 Minutes
Short circuit protection: Yes - 1 Minute

Dial & Pointer:

Deflection angle: 240°
Dial colour: Black
Dial Illumination: Amber LED backlight 605nm
Pointer: White LED backlight
Warning LED: Red (632nm)


Model: VDO ViewLine Marine
Lens: Dual - Anti-glare - Anti-Fog
Standard bezel: Round black (Interchangeable)

Protection and standards:

Front protection class: IP67 (IEC 60529)
Rear protection class: IP52
Relative humidity: Maximum 95%
Operating temperature: -30°C to +80°C (Plastic bezel)
CE standard: Yes
DNV GL Certification: Yes
Mechanical shock continuous: 25G - 6ms - 1Hz
Mechanical single shock: 100G - 11ms
Free fall test: 1 Meter - 3x
Housing flame retarding: UL94-VD

Retail package:

  • VDO ViewLine Black A2C59514816 Ammeter
  • Spinlock nut
  • Bezel round black (Interchangeable)
  • Adapter cable with 8 pole MQS connector
  • Rubber seal
  • QR code
  • Safety instructions and installation manual
  • VDO A2C59514047 Shunt 150A included

Data sheet

Voltage Measurement range
-150A - 0 - 150A DC
Warning light
Red LED Via plus and min
Operating voltage
8 - 32 Volt DC
VDO Kit (Instrument + sensor)
VDO Engine monitoring
Signal analogue
0 - 60 mV Shunt
Veratron ViewLine Retail
Plastic double anti-fog
IP Class front
IP67 (IEC 60529)
Installation dimension
52 mm - 2 1/16 Inch
Charge- and discharge current
Bezel Interchangeable
Yes - Clip-on
Bezel model
Black round
Ammeter gauges
Article status
Usually dispatches in approx. 5 business days

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